'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot calls childbirth 'magical': 'I would do it once a week if I could'

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Gal Gadot is sharing a controversial opinion surrounding childbirth.

The "Wonder Woman" actress – who shares children Alma, 10, Maya, 4, and newborn Daniella with husband Jaron Varsano – talked with InStyle in a cover story published Tuesday about how she balances motherhood with her career.

Gadot described being a mother of three as "no joke" and "so much work" but when it comes to giving birth, she wouldn't mind making a habit out of it.

"I love giving birth. I would do it once a week if I could. It's so magical," the 36-year-old actress said. "I always take epidurals, to be fair, so it's not so painful. Just the moment you feel like you're creating life, it's incredible."

Gal Gadot told InStyle she enjoys childbirth so much she'd do it weekly, if she could.
Gal Gadot told InStyle she enjoys childbirth so much she'd do it weekly, if she could.

The "Red Notice" actress said the hard part of childbearing comes with the pregnancy itself, which she says makes her sick and takes her out of her element.

"Shooting a movie while being pregnant, or when you have a baby. When you're on set, you're like a kite. You can fly so high and try to catch the air. Then you go back home to do your main shift as being a mother," she said.

Gadot has raised her children, sometimes even being pregnant on set, during much of her time in the limelight for roles such as"Wonder Woman," "Furious 7," "Justice League," and she recently strutted the "Red Notice" red carpet almost five months after having her third child.

While she may fly high on set, Gadot told USA TODAY in 2020 her main goal as a mother is to keep her kids "grounded" so that "they don't feel like they are entitled of anything."

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Gadot was grounded by public criticism early in the coronavirus pandemic after she was criticized for orchestrating a video rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" with a myriad of famous faces to boost morale amid quarantines in the U.S. and around the world.

Critics called the video tone deaf for Hollywood's elite to take videos of themselves singing instead of taking real, definitive action to help those affected by the coronavirus.

“Sometimes, you know, you try and do a good deed and it’s just not the right good deed,” she told Vanity Fair in late 2020. “I had nothing but good intentions and it came from the best place, and I just wanted to send light and love to the world."

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After letting the early 2020 backlash air out with time Gadot found a better opportunity to sing the song and make a joke out of the blunder by singing it at the 2021 Elle Women in Hollywood luncheon.

"Might as well. They had a mic there," she said. "It just felt right, and I don't take myself too seriously."

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Gal Gadot says she'd give birth weekly, if possible: 'It's so magical'