'Wonder Woman' Director Loves the Lynda Carter Show but Couldn't Use the Theme

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Aesthetically, the new Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot is worlds away from the 1970s TV show that made Lynda Carter a Hollywood star. But according to the film’s director, Patty Jenkins (Monster), the series was a pivotal influence for her involvement in the big-screen version.

“That was what ignited this in me,” Jenkins said of her interest in the iconic Amazon superhero (watch above). “I was a fan of the comics, [but] it was Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the show that really first introduced me to the magical quality of Wonder Woman.

“It was everything about her. She was great, she was strong, she was badass, she had a great attitude. Smart, but was she was beautiful and she was kind and she was fun and she was accessible. When you went on the playground and you acted like Wonder Woman, you were everything you wanted to be in your mind. That’s magic.”

Another magical quality of the series was its funky, unforgettable theme song. And while early reports indicated the tune could appear in the movie, Jenkins said that was never the case.

“It would be so impossible to use the theme song,” she said. “I don’t know how I would pull that off, even legally.”

Wonder Woman opens Friday. Watch Jenkins and cast talk about why it’s a landmark film:

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