New Women’s Champion Crowned At WWE NXT Stand And Deliver

WWE NXT Stand and Deliver
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We have a new NXT Women’s Champion at WWE NXT Stand and Deliver.

Thanks to a timely assist from Dexter Lumis, Indi Hartwell was able to climb the ladder and become the NXT Women’s Champion for the very first time.

Gigi Dolin also had an opportunity to win earlier in the match but was attacked by her former tag team partner Jacey Jane.

Check out a recap of the match from our live coverage page below:

As soon as the bell rings, everyone starts to brawl. Hartwell and Valkyria fight outside the ring and end up clotheslining each other. Perez sends Stark flying with a flying head scissors. Perez tries to slide in a ladder, but Stratton dropkicks it into her face. Stratton, Dolan, and Stark trade shots in the ring. Stark baseballs slide a ladder into Dolan’s face. Stratton and Stark flip out of each other’s holds. Hartwell takes them both out with a clothesline.

Stark and Stratton end up eating a shot from a ladder from Hartwell. Before Hartwell can take advantage, Valkyria kicks her in the face. Valkyria and Perez fight over a ladder. Valkyria sends Perez into the corner. Big boot by Valkyria. Valkyria sets up a ladder and starts to climb. Stark pulls Valkyria down and sends her into the ladder. Monkey flip by Stark. but Valkyria lands on her feet. Stratton and Valkyria fight on the ladder. Stark dives off the top and dropkicks Valkyria off the ladder.

Hartwell and Stratton climb. Perez hops on Hartwell’s back and climbs over her to stop Stratton. Hartwell knocks the ladder over, sending Perez and Stratton out of the ring. Dolan puts a ladder on her head and spins, knocking everyone out. Valkyria charges in and gets back body dropped on a ladder. Valkyria is stuck on the ladder. Stark tries a cross-body on Dolan, but she ducks. Stark crushes Valkyria against the ladder. Stratton plucks Dolan off a ladder and hits a rolling senton on another ladder.

Perez and Stratton make a mad dash for the ladder. Both Perez and Stratton knock each other off the ladder. Stratton is all alone and starts to climb. Hartwell pulls Stratton off the ladder and hits a nasty spin buster on a ladder lying on the mat. Stark bridges a ladder between another ladder and the ropes. Stark hits a modified Arabian press on a ladder to Hartwell. Modified GTS by Stark. Hartwell is out. Stark climbs. Perez pulls her off. Perez hits Pop Rocks on Stark. Stratton charges in and gets sent out of the ring by a ranna from Perez.

Perez climbs. Dolan pulls Perex off and swings her into the ladder head first. Crucifix bomb by Dolan. Valkyria and Dolan climb the ladder. Dolan tosses Valkyria off. Before Dolan can reach for the belt, Jacy Jayne appears out of nowhere and knocks Dolin onto another ladder. Stratton climbs. Hartwell pushes the ladder over. Stratton sails out of the ring onto everyone else! Hartwell can’t climb the ladder. Her arm is too damaged. Dexter Lumis appears behind her and lifts her on his shoulders. Lumis carries her to the top so she can pull down the NXT Women’s Championship. Hartwell wins! Hartwell wins!

Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Indi Hartwell!

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