Woman wins over TikTok with kind words to teen who was body-shamed by mom

Ophelia Nichols has become somewhat of a mother figure to her over 600,000 and counting followers on TikTok. The 39-year-old Alabama native and mom of four, who goes by @shoelover99 on the platform, . has an undeniable way about her, with her calming, Dolly Parton-like voice and her kind, understanding eyes. One of her recent viral clips shows her reassuring a young TikToker who shared a video of herself in tears after her mom made a rude remark about her appearance in a new dress. “Hey, my lil tater tot!” Nichols sweetly addressed the crying girl in a video that has since drawn over 7.4 million times. “You know what,”. “I had one of those mamas, too, that used to tell me I was fat and ugly from the time I could remember. And then as I got older, I quit listening to that heifer!”. “You wear that dress however you want to. Don’t worry about what that lady says. Everybody else thinks you’re beautiful. I do!”. Nichols says she believes that it was through TikTok that she was finally able to find her one true calling — helping others