Woman Starts Free Daycare To Help Mothers Go Back To School

Chicago resident Ms. Pearl Willis made the selfless decision to babysit her daughter's friend's child while the mother pursued her academic career. Through word of mouth, more mothers heard about Ms. Pearl and asked her to look after their children so they too could return to school. Soon enough, Ms. Pearl was looking after fifty children, so she knew she had to expand in order to help more mothers. With the help of her community, she bought a facility and launched Roseland Community "Good News" Day Care Center, a free babysitting service for teenage moms, college moms, and low-income moms. Kelly speaks with two mothers who were able to pursue their dreams because of Ms. Pearl's kindness. Kelly's friends at Comcast Xfinity also give Ms. Pearl the ultimate gift to help her achieve her goal of creating a coffee shop with a computer lab for kids and their mothers.