Woman shares uplifting videos to help TikTok users who struggle to eat

If you’ve ever struggled to motivate yourself to eat a meal before, TikTok user Sara Sadok is here to help. Her page is flooded with positive content — from encouraging words about chasing your dreams to words of wisdom about being yourself. Her “let’s eat together” video has gone viral for its similarly uplifting message. “Hi, so if you ever have a hard time sitting yourself down for a meal, let’s have a meal together,” Sadok said in the video. People have been dueting with Sadok, sharing videos of themselves eating as her cheerful voice talks them through it. In perhaps one of the most viral responses, user cajunpeaches shared footage slowly and shakily eating through a panic attack alongside Sadok’s gentle encouragement. Commenters responded with overwhelming support and emotion. “I’m in tears. You are so incredibly strong,” another said. Cajunpeaches thanked Sadok for her original video in a follow-up post. “The community of TikTok just uplifted me,” they said. “I am literally still in shock”