Woman shares how 'small, unimportant decision' changed the trajectory of her whole life

This mom shared how one seemingly random decision in college ultimately prepared her for parenthood a decade later. Tiktoker Amy Elizabeth said she "desperately" wanted to take American Sign Language in college. but the course was usually reserved for seniors and athletes. "Somehow I end up becoming friends with this softball player who I met through a mutual friend," she said. "I have no idea who she is today but she signed up for the American Sign Language class, held it for me. She dropped it, I signed up". After Elizabeth graduated, she knew she wanted to become an American Sign Language interpreter and went back to grad school for it, but that's not the real kicker. "I have a 5-year-old son who has a genetic disorder, who is nonverbal and needs sign language to communicate," she said. "I am able to provide him with language, all thanks to that softball player who I have no idea who she is" . The video racked up 5.4 million views, and Elizabeth was able to find the softball player thanks to the power of TikTok. "I'm so happy our lives crossed paths and that you are most importantly able to successfully communicate and be the most amazing parent to your son," the softball player said. "Who knew something that seemed so small at the time could pay off so many years later"