Woman shares how to get a lash lift with Aquaphor: ‘I’m never wearing mascara again’

Feeling disinclined to use mascara all the time? This creator may have the solution for you.

On Sept. 15, Blair (@blizzair) demonstrated the makeup hack that she claimed “changed my life.”

“You wanna know why I stay on TikTok? Because it teaches me things like this. I had to show you guys ’cause I freaked when I learned this,” she said while applying Aquaphor to her lashes. Aquaphor, which is a skin protectant, is 41% petrolatum, or petroleum jelly. Additional ingredients include mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin and bisabolol. “OK. Aquaphor is on the lashes. Curler. I have the most straight, pointy lashes as you can see. Just wait to see what they actually look like when I curl them.”

Reveal — Blair’s impressively curled lashes.

“I’m screaming,” she added. “My husband literally thought I got a lash lift. I’m never wearing mascara again.”

Many interested TikTok users took to Blair’s comment section to inquire further about her Aquaphor method.

“Do your eyes not get cloudy?! Lolol maybe I went too hard when I tried it,” asked @haleyplummer, to which Blair responded, “Haha!! Maybe you put a bit too much? I also found that using a little spoolie helped coat them evenly so it wouldn’t get in my eyes.”

@lindseyhoyme also wrote, “I keep seeing this trend, but aquaphor melts at skin temp so doesn’t it end up in your eyes?” Blair replied, “I actually didn’t know that but surprisingly no! Not for me at least, but I’m also not putting it on my skin just on the lashes.”

Is this actually safe to do?

Aquaphor, according to dermatologists Dr. Muneeb Shah and Dr. Prem Tripathi, who have large followings on TikTok, “is fine to use on skin around the eyes,” per Refinery29. Alicia Lartey, a London-based aesthetician, also told the outlet that applying Aquaphor to your actual lashes is fine as well — though you may want to refrain from throwing mascara into the mix if you have sensitive eyes.

After several requests, Blair posted a separate video on Sept. 17 documenting Aquaphor’s lasting power throughout the day. At around 2:30 p.m., about four hours after applying Aquaphor, Blair provided an update that “they’re holding up, y’all.”

At about eight hours, Blair revealed that her lashes had “finally fallen.” In her caption, she wrote, “I would say it worked for 4/5 hours!!”

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