Woman Shares Her Lip Filler Removal Process and 'Lip Flip' Procedure: 'It Definitely Hurt Pretty Bad'

TikToker Jazzmyn Wollfe documented her experience getting her lip filler dissolved after revealing that the filler migrated from her top lip over the years

Jazzmyn Wollfe/Instagram
Jazzmyn Wollfe/Instagram

In recent years, several stars like Kylie Jenner, Brielle Biermann, Farrah Abraham, and Jeff Lewis have revealed that they've had their lip fillers removed. Most recently, Blac Chyna has been documenting her journey dissolving her lip fillers, as well as reversing all of her plastic surgery procedures: facial fillers, breast implants and butt injections.

The trend has now made its way to social media as more users are documenting their own experiences reversing their cosmetic procedures.

Earlier this month, TikToker Jazzmyn Wollfe took to the platform to show her followers the moment she got her lip filler dissolved.

"I haven't gotten filler in 2 or 3 years and while they've gone down so much, I still notice migration on my top lip and I really hate it," she explained. "So I'm going to go get that dissolved."

In the TikTok, Wollfe — a singer-songwriter from Canada — filmed herself getting her filler dissolved in both lips. She visited an Ontario-based clinic, Subtly You, and got her lips numbed before her working with cosmetic nurse injector Shawna Leifso for the procedure.

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Lip fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid — a natural substance in the body — to add volume to the lips, typically lasting 12 to 18 months. The process can be reversed by injecting an enzyme, hyaluronidase, to break down and dissolve the lip filler faster than it would naturally.

"That girl was honestly amazing, she was so great," Wollfe said, showing off her lips after leaving the clinic. "It definitely hurt pretty bad and this side is very swollen."

The following day Wollfe shared a video revealing some of the bruising she experienced, which is common after the injections. She then explained that the main reason she decided to remove her fillers is because she experienced one of the frequent side effects: migration.

Migration is when the hyaluronic acid spreads away from the intended injection area, causing lip asymmetry or distortions of the face. This can occur after improper administration of the filler, overfilling the area, or improper aftercare, among other causes.

"I used to get lip filler — the last time I got it was probably 2020. But for most people, filler doesn't just completely go away, it typically migrates to other areas," Wollfe told her followers.

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"So, above my lip was very pushed out," she continued. "It was really puffy — not in my lips anymore but above. And it kind of pushed my lip down and made it look even smaller sometimes. So, I wanted to get a lip flip instead."

Wollfe opted for a lip flip immediately after getting her lip fillers dissolved, sharing that process on TikTok as well.

A lip flip is a popular nonsurgical procedure that makes the lips appear fuller without increasing the volume of the lips, which lip fillers do. It is done by injecting Botox into the corners of the mouth and edges of the lips, which relaxes the muscles around the lip and makes it "flip" upward and appear larger than normal, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Lip flips typically appear more "natural" than lip fillers.

Wollfe said on TikTok that results of her lip flip took about two weeks to become noticeable, and she "really liked" how it turned out, sharing a before and after photo.

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