Woman shares 'the funniest' tattoo after asking internet for help

A TikToker couldn’t help but laugh at her own predicament after she asked the internet for stick-and-poke tattoo suggestions. 21-year-old user @benadrylcucumberpatch posted her video in response to a challenge that asks users to share their embarrassing stick-and-poke tattoos. “During the first COVID lockdown, I got really drunk one night alone and went online ...". "to ask acquaintances pretty much at the time what stick-and-poke I should give myself because I’m so funny,” she says in her clip. “And then I blacked out”. The 21-year-old says she then woke up to a surprise on her arm: a stick-and-poke tattoo of Spongebob Squarepants antagonist DoodleBob. The funniest thing on my arm, haha,” she says. Fellow TikTokers seemed to get a kick out of the woman’s story. “This better go viral omg,” at least one wrote in response. The challenge started with @seaniiiy.kashanian on Jan. 24, when he showed off a stick-and-poke tattoo of the number “21” written in Roman numerals. In his caption, he claims he got the tattoo when he was just 11 years old