Woman Says She Stopped Talking To Nigerian Husband After Learning The Visa She Paid For Was Fake

Sherry and David wed in Nigeria, where David lives, two years ago but say they haven’t seen one another since their honeymoon. Since then, Sherry claims she has spent thousands of dollars on a passport, U.S. visa applications, and living expenses for David while waiting for him to join her in the U.S. David claims he was turned down twice when applying for a U.S. visa, and when he applied a third time – through a travel agent instead of an immigration attorney - his latest visa turned out to be a fake. “I have never seen a visa before, so I don’t know if it was real – but I believed it then, and I felt it was real,” says David. Sherry says she stopped talking to David for three months after learning that the visa she claims to have paid $1,600 for was fake. Since then, says Sherry, she has been questioning whether her marriage to David is authentic and strongly suspects that the man she calls her husband might be scamming her. David adamantly denies the allegation. He claims he loves Sherry and insists their marriage is real. Watch more from part one of this two-part episode here, then tune in to Tuesday’s conclusion to find out what an international investigation reveals about David. Is his marriage to Sherry valid? Watch more from part one of this two-part episode here. Dr. Phil airs weekdays. Check here for your local listing. WATCH: Foreign National Who Wed American Overseas Insists Their Marriage Is Legitimate TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Want Dr. Phil to investigate a situation or possible scam?