Woman Who Says She’s Been Engaged Four Times To Same Man Claims Three Of The Rings Were Fake

Jennifer claims she’s engaged for the fourth time to Steven. She says their relationship has been in turmoil for three of the four years they’ve been together, yet she continues to take him back and accept his proposals. Steven insists they are engaged for the third time, not fourth. He agrees their relationship is completely toxic and dysfunctional but says he is not ready to give up on Jennifer. Hear how the couple describes their engagements in the video above, including why Steven says he gave Jennifer a fake ring, and she says that three rings were fake, though her current ring is real. On the Dr. Phil episode "'Help! I’m Engaged to a Womanizing, Love-Bombing Psychopath!'," Jennifer and Steven describe their tumultuous relationship, including her accusing him of being a womanizing, abusive pathological liar and sex addict, and Steven accusing Jennifer of allegedly drinking too much. Will Jennifer and Steven stay together, or is it time for them to part ways? Check local listings to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a story Dr. Phil won't believe? WATCH: Woman Claims Fiancé Is Dishonest, Unfaithful, And A Pathological Liar, But She Keeps Taking Him Back