A woman who said she attended over 30 shows last year shared a long list of concert etiquette, like putting away phones and not disrespecting the opening act

Concert advice
The TikToker offered a long list of rules.Screenshot/TikTok - supmallory
  • A TikToker and master concertgoer has built a following sharing her opinions about concert etiquette.

  • She said people must respect the opening act and hydrate so they don't faint, among many other cues.

  • Users offered their own suggestions in the comments, like respecting a stranger's request for more space.

A veteran concertgoer who said she attended over 30 shows in 2022 is sharing her thoughts on audience etiquette with TikTok. At the top of her list are paying appropriate tribute to the opening act and staying properly hydrated.

The TikToker, a 26-year-old who uses the handle @supmallory, decided to make a list about concert etiquette after she received over 138,000 views for a video boasting about her mastery of concert etiquette.

In the etiquette video posted on Wednesday, the TikToker listed out her biggest dos and don'ts.

"It has come to my attention after one of my videos went viral that people don't know how to behave at concerts, and there's some things we should know before we go, especially for people who are attending their first show, or who are new to the concert scene," she said.

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The TikToker said she's intent on people staying hydrated and well-nourished because she's witnessed several people pass out at shows.

She urged people not to trash the venue and pick up after themselves — even and especially when you're waiting in line.

For newbie concertgoers, @supmallory laid out how a concert usually proceeds: the doors open, then the opening acts perform, and finally the main performer takes the stage. She told viewers to be considerate toward the opener. In some cases, attendees might not know who the opening act is, which leads them to be ignored or receive abuse from the crowd.

"Most of the time the artist who is opening for the main act is new [and] trying to build up their fanbase, so please don't talk during it," she said. "Be a good person. Be nice, cheer them on."

The TikToker also advised people not to push through the crowd to get to the front, survey everyone's personal boundaries, and try to put away their phones when a musician is playing.

The comment section was full of people agreeing with the TikToker's list.

"Truly ppl talking during the opener absolutely BREAKS my heart," a top comment said.

Others added their own recommendations: One viewer advised people to sit down as often as they're able to, especially if they have a lot of time before the show begins. Another person said "don't pee in the crowd" and claimed they were a victim of such an act at a concert for the artist Labrinth.

Commenters also agreed about not screeching doing performances, and to respect someone asking for more room ("I promise it's not personal I just need to breathe," one person wrote).

"Concert etiquette" has become a popular genre on TikTok. There are numerous other popular videos with showgoing tips, and clips complaining about the lack of etiquette that some observe while attending concerts.

Insider has reached out to @supmallory for comment.

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