Woman Proudly Shows Family Her ‘Custom’ Engagement Ring — Then Mom Tells Her She Found the Same One on Amazon

"Why are people like this? [Why] was she looking at Amazon for rings like mine?,” the soon-to-be bride asked on Reddit. "She's so toxic"

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A newly engaged woman did not appreciate her mother's reaction to her engagement news — or her custom ring.

Reddit user AnimeNerdy shared in a post last month that her fiancé had proposed with an engagement ring that she was delighted to receive. However, her joy quickly turned sour after sharing the news with her mother.

“My (future) husband lovingly made my ring custom and even handpicked my diamond,” she wrote. “I was extremely happy.”

“Today my mom says, ‘I found your ring on Amazon,’” the Reddit user continued.

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She noted that it was “impossible” her mom found the ring on the online retailer’s website because she has all the ring “certificates” and her fiancé showed her the custom place it came from. The soon-to-be-bride then aired her frustration at the time her mother spent trying to look into the ring and find a less expensive dupe.

"Why are people like this?? WHYYYY was she looking at Amazon for rings like mine??,” the user pointed out. “She’s so toxic.”

The post went viral, receiving an upvote over 21,000 times and over 800 comments from other Reddit users who shared their two cents on the situation.

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One commenter shared that she went through a similar thing with her own mother, saying, “My mom is usually a great mom, but when I showed her my engagement ring in person for the first time she said ‘He paid that much money for THAT? I could buy something similar at Walmart for much less. Look at my ring, it looks more expensive than yours…’”

Other Reddit commenters encouraged the woman to keep her head up, including one who told her to “... stand your ground!!!” Another wrote, “It is disappointing when someone undermines a thoughtful gesture. Trust in the special bond you share with your husband, and the effort he put into creating a unique symbol of your love…”

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Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman told Newsweek that special news from loved ones, like the engagement mentioned in the Reddit post, needs to be handled delicately.

"The most polite thing to do when someone shares special news, and, as in this case, shows you their engagement ring, is to express joy, support, and share their enthusiasm," she told the outlet.

She continued: "I can't speak to why the mom went searching for the cost of the ring, but it certainly is not appropriate to tell someone, especially their daughter, that they found it 'on the cheap,' elsewhere."

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