Woman infuriates TikTokers with the bizarre way she writes letters

TikTok user Anna Patton is creating quite a stir on the platform with the unconventional way she dots her i’s and crosses her t’s. On Jan. 28, the 21-year-old shared a video, noting that “some of my friends are pressed about the way I write letters.” She then went on to show her followers why her friends are so upset. In the video, Patton has a rather unusual way of writing the letters M, N, W, B, R and, perhaps most upsettingly, X. For X, she first creates the top half of the X before finishing off the bottom half. The overwhelming majority of TikTok users sided with Patton’s friends on this one. Some even joked that there should be a trigger warning on the video — that’s how upset they were. “This made me mad for no reason,” one person said. “This triggered a feeling I never knew I had,” another added. Other people simply could not believe that the video (and method) was real. After all, Patton’s way of writing letters would only slow her down — so what’s the point?. “You literally made these letters more difficult to write,” one person said