Woman infuriates best friend with surprise financial decision: ‘It is not my job’

A woman told her friend off after she demanded extra money and gifts during the holidays. She shared the incident, which left her feeling guilty, on Reddit’s "Am I the A******" (AITA) forum. The woman’s friend Kellie has children and often mismanages her money. The Reddit user, however, is childless and has money to spend. She typically buys Kellie’s children gifts whenever she visits from out of town. The user explained to her friend that she had ‘adopted’ a family of underprivileged children to get presents for since she has no kids of her own . Kellie got upset and said, "You could use it on my kids, you know how much we struggle sometimes and you make so much money". The woman explained that she wanted to help children who truly need it and that Kellie's children are already "spoiled beyond words". Reddit users think the friend was out of line. "Seems like you are an ATM in her eyes," a person said