Woman finds wild animal crawling up her pants: 'I felt something sharp'

A Florida woman got a pretty epic surprise in her pants courtesy of Mother Nature. After putting on a pair of pants, TikToker @uss_andrea felt something poking her. She clutched the source of the discomfort in her hands, then took off her pants to see what it was. The discovery left her horrified. "I just took my pants off because I felt something sharp," she said. "I put my hand around the sharp thing, and now we're going to find out what it is" . She slowly started to remove the fabric, which was in the way of whatever was in her pants. After the tail was revealed, she recognized the creature as a live lizard and released it into her backyard. "I just want everyone to know I was wearing lizard pants for about ten minutes before I noticed there was a problem," she added in the comment section. The video racked up 5.3 million views on TikTok. "My friends baby was crying and we didn’t know why. There was a lizard in her diaper," a user shared

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