Woman Claims She Lied As A Child About Mom’s Boyfriend Abusing Her, And Now He’s Serving Life In Prison

When Alyssa was five years old, her mother’s boyfriend of 10 months, John Kinsel, moved into their home. “I never liked John. He was strict. I wanted him gone. I wanted him out of our lives because he made our lives miserable,” Alyssa says. She says that in fourth grade, after learning about “stranger danger” in school, she came home and told her mom that John had touched her inappropriately. “I was taught that the police would come. He would be gone, and he would be out of our lives," Alyssa says. John was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole based on Alyssa’s court testimony. However, nine years later, 18-year-old Alyssa walked into the District Attorney’s office and said she wanted to recant her testimony. In her first on-camera interview, Alyssa tells her story. On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Sex Abuse Allegations: Who is Telling the Truth?” Allyssa says she’s ready to tell Dr. Phil what really happened to her when she was a child. Was she telling the truth then, or is she telling the truth now? Check local listings to see where you can watch. WATCH: Mom Says She Doesn’t Believe Daughter’s Claim That She Was Abused, Believes Boyfriend Is Innocent TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Are you involved in a story making headlines?