Woman claims she was body-shamed at Aritzia after being looked 'up and down' by staff: 'I would cry'

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A woman went shopping for some work clothes, but all she got was body-shamed by an employee.

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TikToker Hillary Chang claimed that a recent experience at Aritzia was so bad that it needed to be discussed publicly. Although she is a fan of the store and doesn’t believe the incident reflects its wider policies, Chang believed she was treated poorly. She wondered how often situations like hers happen.

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Chang explained that she has shopped at Aritzia before and is aware of their sizing. But during a recent visit, a worker seemed to disregard her input entirely.

She alleged that when she asked an employee for sizes 2 and 4, the employee gave her sizes 6 and 8. Chang said that when she asked for a small-sized top, the employee gave her a large.

“This girl, without words, looked me up and down and handed me a 6 and an 8,” she explained. “I’ve always been comfortable in my own body. But at that moment, all I could think about was someone who wasn’t comfortable in their own body, going into that store working with that girl and basically being told that you’re bigger than you think you are.”

Chang claimed she told the manager about the incident and that he was apologetic. But she was mainly concerned with how this line of thinking can seriously hurt people.

"At Aritzia, our mission is to provide everyday luxury in a welcoming environment, and we greatly value our clients," an Aritzia spokesperson told In The Know by Yahoo. "We sincerely regret the experience this client had in one of our stores. We’ve spoken with the client directly to address her concerns and we are looking into the situation further to ensure this does not happen again."

TikTokers shared their horror stories at Aritzia and just how traumatizing that kind of behavior can be.

“Ummm… I would cry in the dressing room,” a user wrote.

“I went to Aritzia and I asked to try on a size 10-12 of the pants and the girl said to me we don’t carry those high sizes and I found it myself,” another said.

“I had an Aritzia associate tell me they aren’t a plus size brand when I asked for a size 10,” a person commented.

“I’ve had this happen at multiple stores. It ruins my day. To the point where I don’t want to be in public,” someone wrote.

“From the comments it seems like this IS an Aritzia problem,” a user added.

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