Woman Who Claims She’s Being Tracked On ‘Hookup’ App Learns Results Of Digital Investigation Of Her Phone

Nancy claims her phone was hacked and a “hookup” app installed so strangers could track her whereabouts and communicate with her through numbers and colors for sex. Dr. Phil had a digital investigation performed on Nancy’s phone. Is Nancy being tracked? Find out the results in the video above. On Tuesday’s episode, hear how Nancy’s daughter claims she has become “delusional” and obsessed with this app. And, find out how an unresolved traumatic experience during Nancy’s childhood may be contributing to her behavior. Watch more from "'My Mother Believes She’s Being Tracked by a Secret ‘Hookup’ App!'" And, check local listings to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Need Dr. Phil to get real with someone? WATCH: Man Denies Putting Tracking App On Ex’s Phone, Claims She Always Thought People Were Following Them