Woman Claims Mom Has Gone Without Medicine, Running Water, And Heat To Give Money To Online Boyfriends

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Stacey says she introduced her mom, Gail, to online dating about four years ago, and a few days after Gail set up her profile, she received an email from a man named “Fallon Galvin.” “I immediately knew it was a scam,” Stacey says. Stacey says her mom had a relationship with "Fallon" for about a year and has since met two other men online, “Matt Hurley,” and someone using photos of Vin Diesel but going by the name “Mark Sinclair.” “My mom has sent almost $250,000 to these scammers,” Stacey says. She claims that Gail, 68, has even gone without her diabetes medication, heat and water, and left 2 feet of water in her basement because she couldn’t afford to fix the busted pipe because she sent money to “Matt Hurley.” “They have ruined her financially, and she’s broke.” Gail says her relationship with “Matt Hurley” couldn’t be clearer – and after four years – she would know if he wasn’t the “caring and truthful” man she fell in love with. Hear from Gail on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Our Mom Lived Without Heat and Water … For Online Scammers!'" Plus, see what happens when Dr. Phil and Gail try to call "Fallon." And on Tuesday, a Dr. Phil producer in Nigeria goes to the hotel where "Matt Hurley" claims he is staying. Check local listings to see where you can tune in. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil's Help?