Woman Claims Dad Has Been ‘Brainwashed’ And Scammed By Online Fiancée

Brittany says for the last two years, her dad, Charlie, believes he has been in an online relationship with a woman named “Stephanie Johnson.” And recently, he started talking to someone who claims to be “Stephanie’s” roommate, “Carina Johnson.” “From Dad’s point of view, he’s in love with ‘Stephanie.’ He considers ‘Stephanie’ his girlfriend. He even talked about wanting to marry her,” Brittany says. Brittany says Charlie showed her documents from “Stephanie’s” lawyer stating that “Stephanie” is going to receive a $4.5 million inheritance and that her dad is supposed to get $250,000 of it. “My dad is being scammed. He has sent over $20,000 to these girls to get his share of the inheritance,” Brittany says. “Now, my dad is furious with ‘Stephanie’ and ‘Carina,’ and he just wants his money back. He wants the girls to go to jail.” On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Love or Larceny: My Father’s Fiancée is Fake,'" hear what Charlie says about his relationship. And, see what happens when a Dr. Phil producer tries to find the bank where “Stephanie” claims the inheritance is. Then, on Friday's part two conclusion, "Charlie Meets His 'Fiancée' Face-to-Face," see what happens when Charlie meets the women in the pictures. Check local listings to see where you can tune in. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Want Dr. Phil to investigate a situation or possible scam?