Woman Blows .35 On Breathalyzer As She Sits On Dr. Phil's Stage

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JoLynn admits that she sometimes drinks up to six 24-ounce beers in a day, and she drinks every day. The wife and mom says she misses the person she used to be and wants to quit drinking, but she doesn’t know how without being in pain. JoLynn’s husband, Keith, turned to Dr. Phil for help for his wife after she was arrested, taken to jail, and ended up with a bruised face – an incident that made headlines. After JoLynn tells Dr. Phil she drank before seeing him and never sobered up from the night before, Dr. Phil asks her to take a breathalyzer. See the results in the video above, and hear why Dr. Phil tells her, “You’re at a very toxic level of alcohol consumption as you sit here right now.” On Wednesday’s episode, JoLynn interrupts her conversation with Dr. Phil several times by getting out of her seat. Will she come back? And, see body cam footage from the day she was arrested. Watch more here. And on Thursday, hear from a sheriff’s department sergeant who explains what happened during JoLynn’s arrest and jail stay. Check here to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis? WATCH: ‘If I Don’t Get Help, I’ll Probably Just Drink Myself To Death,’ Says Wife And Mother