Woman Believes Her Late Dog Sent the Family a 'Message From Above' and the Evidence Is Tough to Deny

This actually brought tears to our eyes.

Finding peace after the loss of a beloved pet can be difficult, to say the least, but some grieving owners find signs from above that let them know everything will be OK. TikTok user @itscandacejess was one of those chosen pet parents. She shared the sign her furry friend sent on her social media account, and it's hard to deny her theory.

We needed a tissue to make it through this one, but the love Candace shared with her Shih-Tzu, Beanie, is so special to see. We know it was him giving his family a sign from above!

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How special is that? We totally get why Candace had to capture and share this beautiful cloud-- it absolutely was her fur baby saying hello and joining them for dinner. Just like @imovereverything wrote in the comment section, "that's for sure him letting you know he’s okay & at peace 🥺🤍." We have zero doubt about it!

"All i do is cry on this app," said @laurenlittlee. If that isn't the truth! We'd almost let out a little laugh if we weren't too busy sobbing over this heartbreakingly beautiful encounter that Candace had. 

And we think @bearsm0mma would agree! She said, "This gave me shivers 🥰. Little Beanie is always with you 🐾." Exactly! Whether in the clouds or in Candace's heart, we know Bean is watching over his loved ones. 

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