Woman Argues Families, Not Teachers, Should Be Discussing Orientation And Gender Identity With Kids

How young is too young for children in public school to learn about sexual orientation and gender identity? Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law bars classroom discussion of sexuality and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. “There is no reason that a kindergarten teacher needs to teach that to five-year-olds. That is something families should be discussing,” says Tina Descovich, co-founder of Mom’s For Liberty, in Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Parents Battle Over ’Woke’ School Curriculum.” Dubbed the “Don't Say Gay” law by critics, “Parental Rights in Education” also requires that public school districts in Florida be transparent in the selection of instructional, library, and reading materials. Dave Edwards and his wife, Hannah, are educators and the parents of a transgender daughter. Dave says that Kristina Olson, a professor of psychology at Princeton University and the director of the Human Diversity Lab, studies early social cognitive development, directs the TransYouth Project, and is a member of the 2018 cohort of MacArthur "Genius" fellows. Her research examines how children and adolescents think about themselves and the people around them. “She has followed over 300 trans kids over time, and we’re learning all these really amazing things," Dave says. "One of them is that kids who are affirmed in their identities do not have serious mental health risks that other kids in different environments do. It only takes one supportive adult to reduce negative mental health rates." Watch the video above to hear how Dave and Hannah respond when Descovich claims that the reading materials in question are those that include “sexual violence.” Check your local listing for airtimes. WATCH: Opponents Of Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education’ Law Argue It Turns Back The Clock On Equality TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Strong opinion you want to share?