Woman Who Admits To Abusing Alcohol Asks Dr. Phil: ‘Will You Please Help Me?’

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Keith and his wife of 28 years, JoLynn, came to see Dr. Phil for the first time after JoLynn was arrested for public intoxication. They later claimed that police abused JoLynn while she was in custody, an allegation the authorities vehemently deny. The couple’s story made international news. JoLynn admitted to consuming alcohol before taping the episode she was featured in and interrupted her conversation with Dr. Phil several times by getting out of her seat. She later said she wanted to stop drinking but didn’t know how. “Will you please help me?” she asked Dr. Phil. “I’m scared to death.” Did JoLynn get the help she asked for? Watch the video above to see a recap of JoLynn and Keith’s first visit to Dr. Phil, then tune in to Friday’s episode, Update: “Dr. Phil Saved My Alcoholic Wife’s Life,” and “Dr. Phil Gave Me a Second Chance,” to find out how JoLynn and Keith are doing today. Check your local listing. WATCH: My Wife’s Alcoholism Made International News TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is Dr. Phil your only hope?