Wolf Pack Finale: Sarah Michelle Gellar Dissects That Mother of a Twist, What It Could Mean for Possible Season 2

Wolf Pack wrapped its first season on Thursday, dropping a series of reveals that will leave viewers salivating until Paramount+ grants it a renewal. (Paws crossed!)

For starters, Kristin Ramsey isn’t your run-of-the-mill werewolf masquerading as an arson investigator — she’s Harlan, Luna and Baron’s mother! She’s also the show’s mysterious arsonist, having set the fire to force big, bad Baron out of hiding.

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One mystery that remains is the identity of the unknown caller (my money’s on the trio’s bio dad), who explained to Everett and Bella that their powers are directly tied to Baron’s. Honestly, after everything we’ve digested during the past few episodes, a recap of exactly how this pack’s powers work was much appreciated.

The finale ended with Kristin telling Garrett that he would make the perfect wolf father to her ever-growing pack. He’s not down, but with Baron just out of frame and ready to pounce, he very well may not have a choice.

Below, star and executive producer Sarah Michelle Gellar breaks down those finale surprises, offering some hope about the show’s future:

TVLINE | First of all, when Kristin faced off against Malcom, I felt like I was just watching an episode of Buffy. You didn’t miss a beat.
It’s funny, I didn’t think much of it at first. They kept asking me, “Do you want to learn the fight before?” And I was like, “I’ll do it when I get there, whatever.” I was very blasé about it. Then I got there, and I was like… I forgot, this is fun! We did the first take and everyone started clapping. I was like, “Oh, right, I’m actually good at this.” Of course I also have to give Gideon [Emery] a lot of credit. He’s a great partner because he’s really good and he can do his own stuff. He also knows when not to do it, like when to put the stunt double in.

TVLINE | I know a lot of it happens in post, but how was it finally getting to wolf out?
When I took the job, one of the first things I told Jeff [Davis] was that I don’t do prosthetics. That’s not me. But wolfing out is really a metaphor for releasing the rage that you feel. As a parent separated from your kids, that rage comes from such an emotional place. It was really fun.

TVLINE | I know your co-stars knew that you were mother, but did they know you were the mother?
[Laughs] They learned about midway through the season, and my daughter thought she was so cool because she knew before them. She was on set, and Jeff and Christian [Taylor] — to make sure she liked them more — told her everything. I was like, “You can’t tell her! Because she can’t tell them!” Everyone was blown away when they learned.

TVLINE | I’m not asking this in a judgmental way, but what kind of mother is Kristin?
That’s an interesting question. She’s fiercely protective of her cubs, and I think she did what she thought was right at the time. Sometimes loving someone means making sacrifices to protect them, like finding her cubs a home where she knew they’d be safe. I don’t think she knew Baron was alive until much later, but we’ll hopefully learn more in Season 2.

TVLINE | It’s complicated. She has her instincts as a wolf, but she’s also a human mother with far more complex emotions.
Right, she’s caught between the two. And she’s losing some of those animal instincts as she becomes more human. That’s actually happening to a lot of animals in the wild right now — as they’re becoming more and more extinct, they’re losing their inner predator. There are definite changes in the animal kingdom based on what’s happening in the environment.

TVLINE | And her plan is to build out her pack, including having Baron turn Garrett into a dad-wolf?
Yes. Originally, she was just going to take her kids back and be done with him, but then she went into his world and saw the kind of father he is; her kids’ father was not a great man. She appreciates the love and care he has for those kids, and she wants to keep, it but she wants to keep it on her own terms.

TVLINE | So where are we putting her now on the good-to-evil spectrum?
Again, I think she does bad things, but they’re for a good reason — at least in her mind. Is she evil, or is she just an apex predator? We’ll have to wait and find out.

TVLINE | Well, what is the word on Season 2?
We have a writers’ room open, and we’re preparing, but everything is in flux right now with the strike. I think that’s the biggest issue. But the numbers, the fans — everybody wants Season 2.

TVLINE | If nothing else, I need to know who the voice is on the phone. I mean, we all know it’s Ian Bohen’s — no matter how coy Jeff Davis has been about that — but it’ll end up being a different person, I imagine.
Right, it’s his voice, but it’s not him. Who is it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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