What Would We Do Without Moschino?

·1 min read

No matter how the trend bell tolls, Moschino remains a safe place to land. A necessary break from the post apocalyptic, grunge and goth, a respite from the seriousness of fashion and its haunting cyclical nature. At Moschino, its all good.

Don't take its playfulness lightly, Moschino is very much in on the joke. Creative director Jeremy Scott's resume reads CAMP in all caps and he makes no apologies for it. For Spring/Summer 2023 his familiar aesthetic felt all at once new, perhaps its the post-lockdown vibes, or the monkey pox scares, or the possible impending recession— but damn it, a floatie flamingo gown seems right on the money.

As a nod to inflation, inflatable details carries the collection. All-in-all fantastic in nature, but the footwear proved more pragmatic. A patent pump with a nozzle at the heel? Sold. Floatie-inspired booties? Valentine's-Day-is-whatever-day-I-say-it-is heart-toe heels? Flamingo pumps?! Add to cart.

Scott summed up the collection's point-of-view with a smile-inducing quote to Vogue, “Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning. I’m sure you do. I know I do. But no matter what is going on, we have to save space for joy, right? The darker it is, the lighter I have to be.”

Put it on a poster, Jeremy. We're with ya.