The Witcher Series Is Ending After Fifth Season

Image: Susie Allnutt / Netflix
Image: Susie Allnutt / Netflix
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It is official: Netflix’s series based on The Witcher has been renewed for a fifth and final season. The fourth season is currently in production and both seasons will be shot back-to-back. Get ready to bid the Continent farewell, folks.

As part of the announcement, Netflix revealed a peek behind the scenes at the table read for the fourth season. In it, you can see Jaskier’s actor, Joey Batey, treating the cast and crew to a song, as well as Batey, Liam Hemsworth, and Anya Chalotra (who plays Yennefer) being all chummy with one another.

It feels like it’s taken a long time to get here. We’ve known that Liam Hemsworth would be taking over as Geralt of Rivia after Henry Cavill’s departure since 2022. Even then, Cavill’s final turn as Geralt wouldn’t come till the summer of 2023, at which point Netflix also split the season into two parts to stretch things out a bit more. Cavill, who was set to leave the show at the conclusion of the third season, was believed to be headed back to DC to resume playing Superman before that cinematic universe got blown up.

In the meantime, The Witcher has been beefing up its cast as the show prepares to adapt the final few books of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy series: Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swallow, and Lady of the Lake. This includes the addition of The Matrix’s Laurence Fishburne as Regis, a fan-favorite character and vampire who features prominently near the end of the books, as well as in The Witcher 3’s beloved Blood and Wine expansion. Sharlto Copley has also joined the cast, and Danny Woodburn will be portraying Zoltan, a dwarf who’s pretty close to Geralt throughout the series.

Despite the news, Netflix hasn’t said when to expect either of the final two seasons of The Witcher. I’d expect it to be a while, especially as they’re shooting back-to-back, so your best bet at getting more Witcher these days might be to start playing through the games. On that end, CD Projekt Red, the developers who have helmed the series’ video game adaptations, are working on new installments in the near future, including a remake and a continuation of the trilogy that was capped off with The Witcher 3 back in 2015.

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