The Winners & Losers of Love Is Blind Season 6

Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion predictions
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Love Is Blind Season 6 was truly one for the books. While five couples got engaged in the pods, only one ended up getting married at the altar. Throughout the season, there were many ups, but even more downs. This resulted in three couples parting ways before making it to the altar, as well as one choosing not to marry once they got there.

Season 6 had a few winners and many more losers. Here is our take on who left the season a hero, and who walked away worse than they had come.

Amy & Johnny – Winners

Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre were the only couple who married at the end of Season 6, which makes them winners in our eyes! Amy and Johnny were the first couple to get engaged in the pods, and their relationship was wholesome from the start. Unlike the other couples, Amy and Johnny didn’t deal with any crazy drama. The worst of their problems was butting heads over birth control!

AD Smith – Winner

AD Smith did not find long-lasting love from Clay Gravesande, but she did find it from Love Is Blind fans. From the jump, viewers were rooting for AD after seeing her fun and genuine personality. While AD and Clay did make it to the altar, she ultimately left heartbroken after Clay said no. This did not stop AD from walking away as a winner, however, as Clay still tried to get her back. AD ended the season knowing her worth, which is always a win!

Laura Dadisman – Winner

Laura Dadisman ended her engagement with Jeramey Lutinski shortly after returning to Charlotte but was still a winner in our books. Laura confidently stood her ground after she caught Jeramey hanging out with his other pod connection, Sarah Ann Bick. After breaking up with Jeramey, Laura delivered her iconic line, “Go kick rocks with open-toed shoes”. At the reunion, Laura revealed that she now has a new boyfriend. We love this growth for Laura!

Clay Gravesande – Loser

And now for the losers! While Clay might’ve had good intentions, he ultimately took a big L after rejecting AD at the altar. Throughout the season, Clay got in his head about whether or not he was ready for marriage. It seems like Clay knew he was going to say no all along, so he should’ve never gone to the altar with AD. At the reunion, Clay expressed a desire to keep dating AD, although the two have not given their relationship another shot.

Jimmy Presnell – Loser

Jimmy Presnell started Season 6 in a love triangle between Chelsea Blackwell and Jessica Vestal. While Jimmy eventually chose Chelsea, it seemed like he regretted that decision after leaving the pods. After meeting Jess, Jimmy seemed to start taking his relationship with Chelsea less seriously. While Jimmy made the right decision to not go to the altar with Chelsea, he still led her on way longer than he should have. We can’t say we stan Jimmy after this mess!

Jeramey & Sarah Ann – Losers

While I do think Jeramey and Sarah Ann make more sense than Jeramey and Laura, the former went about things in the worst way possible. Something sketchy went down the night Jeramey met up with Sarah Ann at the bar, although he never owned up to it. While Jeramey and Sarah Ann are now a happy couple, their reputations are tarnished after Season 6. While fans now love Laura, they despise Jeramey and Sarah Ann.

Trevor Sova – Loser

Trevor Sova was arguably the biggest loser of Season 6, as he left with no relationship and a terrible reputation. Trevor connected with Chelsea in the pods, although she eventually chose Jimmy over him. After Season 6 began airing, news broke out that Trevor had a girlfriend before filming. After being confronted with this allegation at the reunion, Trevor took responsibility but did not seem remorseful. This was a huge L for Trevor, but hopefully, he will grow from this.

Love Is Blind Season 6 was all over the place, but the winners on this list were a nice breath of fresh air. While our losers made poor decisions this season, we wish them nothing but the best as they grow from this journey.


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