And the Winner of 'The Amazing Race 36' Is...

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Phil Keoghan on 'The Amazing Race 36'

The teams of The Amazing Race 36 traveled to Eight countries, 14 cities, and almost 12,000 miles. But after a season of intense heat, navigational woes, and unprecedented eliminations, only four teams came into this finale in the hunt for the million-dollar prize. And while the final outcome was far from surprising, one team certainly received a shock at the Pit Stop.

Check out more information about the results from tonight's finale episode below.

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Who won The Amazing Race 36?

Ricky Rotandi (L) and César Aldrete (R)<p>Yuri Hasegawa/CBS</p>
Ricky Rotandi (L) and César Aldrete (R)

Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

Ricky Rotandi and César Aldrete – Dating

As Phil Keoghan himself said, Ricky and César are the perfect demonstration of how you can't judge a book by its cover. While the boyfriends went on the race to satisfy César's longtime dream, they surprised everyone by turning in one of the most dominant performances in Amazing Race history. Their combination of navigation skills and experience with seemingly every task put them on top in the beginning, a position they never relinquished as they had six first-place finishes going into the finale. Though they had their weakest leg going into Philadelphia, they defaulted back to their normal race mode upon returning to the United States. As we saw throughout the season, the two got out in the lead and never looked back, netting their seventh (and most important) first place.

Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 35 tonight?

Juan Villa (L) and Shane Bilek (R)<p>Yuri Hasegawa/CBS</p>
Juan Villa (L) and Shane Bilek (R)

Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

Juan Villa and Shane Bilek – Best friends

Best friends Juan and Shane had met during Air Force flight school. And the two tackled the race with military-like precision and consistency. Always believing they were a first-place team, the two were able to prove that when they hit their stride in the middle of the season. Unfortunately, the City of Brotherly Love was not kind to Juan and Shane, as a misunderstanding sent them into New Jersey. Though they were able to make up considerable time and even pass one team, it still put them out of the running.

Rod Gardner (L) and Leticia Gardner (R)<p>Yuri Hasegawa/CBS</p>
Rod Gardner (L) and Leticia Gardner (R)

Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

Rod Gardner and Leticia Gardner – Married

Former NFL player Rod and his wife Leticia were the MVPs of the first two legs, winning back-to-back in Mexico. And after a series of ups and downs, they found their way back to the top in the final couple of legs, netting their third first-place finish. Unfortunately, for a team that had strength for days, it was the mental challenges that caused their downfall. Rod struggled memorizing the Declaration of Independence, while Leticia had trouble with a colonial history test. As a result, they not only fell behind Ricky and César, but were passed by Juan and Shane, leaving them in third.

Amber Craven (L) and Vinny Cagungun (R)<p>Yuri Hasegawa/CBS</p>
Amber Craven (L) and Vinny Cagungun (R)

Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

Amber Craven and Vinny Cagungun – Dating

Dating for four years, Amber and Vinny wanted to learn more about each other through the race. And it's safe to say they had quite the trial by fire. Throughout their highs and lows in the race, conflict remained consistent, as Vinny's intensity and competitive drive worked against Amber's self-talk. Despite their myriad disagreements, the two would come together at the end of every leg to affirm their love for each other. And Amber got the ultimate affirmation when, after being eliminated in fourth place, Vinny proposed to her at the Pit Stop.

Will The Amazing Race return for Season 37?

Yes! The Amazing Race 37 will premiere in spring 2025. Season 37 is expected to air later this year and will continue to run 90-minute episodes.

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