Wilmer Valderrama’s Outlook on Parenting Might Make You Swoon

Wilmer Valderrama’s Outlook on Parenting Might Make You Swoon

Nearly a year into parenting, Wilmer Valderrama and fiancée Amanda Pacheco are all alright.

On Feb. 15, 2021, the That '70s Show alum, 41, and the 30-year-old model welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Nakano Oceana Valderrama, and in the months since, the actor has gained some valuable wisdom. To start, just because you have a child doesn't mean the relationship between parents has to fall by the wayside.

"The baby is our priority, but you are mine," he told Amanda during a new interview with Parents. "They tell you, 'It's all about the baby,' but when you're both with the baby, you can forget about each other and lose yourself there."

It's one of the reasons why they sleep trained Nakano after she was no longer a newborn. While the actor said it made him "feel bad" to let their daughter cry it out for a bit, he called it ultimately "empowering."

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Why? "It allows you to focus on your partner," he explained. "When you have a baby who sleeps through the night, it's a lot easier to stay connected."

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In Wilmer's parenting guide, that connection extends to all other baby duties, too—even the tasks that cane seem kind of lopsided. "Your job as a partner is not just to be there," he said. "If you're not doing anything, you're not doing enough. There are a million things to be done while your partner is nursing: Get the baby, change the baby, burp the baby, track the feeding, and keep the mommy hydrated, fed, and rested."