Willow Nightingale Wants A Rematch With Mercedes Moné

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Willow Nightingale has a chip on her shoulder after her first match against Mercedes Moné, and she wants a rematch.

At NJPW STRONG Resurgence, Willow Nightingale faced Mercedes Moné in the finals of a one-night tournament for the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship. An injury to Moné reportedly changed the finish, and Nightingale won the bout.

Speaking with amNewYork Metro, Nightingale reflected on her match against Moné. She emphasized that the bour flipped a switch in her career.

“I wasn’t just representing Willow anymore. I was representing AEW, in this case, against obviously an amazing competitor, somebody who I consider to be one of the most prolific women wrestlers,” Willow Nightingale said. “It was a big flipping of a switch in terms of my career. I think it was a big launching pad for me. In a personal realm, it also was this big moment of like, wow, you can really do this.”

Willow Nightingale On Potential Rematch With Mercedes Moné

Willow Nightingale also teased her interest in having a rematch with Moné. Given the former WWE star’s injury in their first bout, she noted that she had a chip on her shoulder.

“She did get injured in that match, so there is always going to be that little chip on my shoulder, and the little asterisk where people are like ‘Oh, but Mercedes got hurt,’” Willow said. “I’d like to just have the most competitive match that we could, you know, barring any kind of confusion out from left field, and just have a nice match and see where that brings us.”

Moné remains sidelined, but she appeared in the crowd at AEW All In.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Moné will clash again.

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