Willow Drops ‘Symptom of Life,’ a ‘Whimsical’ Single With a ‘Lot of Mystery’

Willow - Credit: Salomé Gomis-Trezise*
Willow - Credit: Salomé Gomis-Trezise*

Willow is looking for the symptoms of life in nature.

On Tuesday, the musician released her new single, “Symptom of Life,” along with its nature-shot video, which she self-directed.

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“The song has a very beautiful whimsical nature but holds a lot of mystery,” Willow said in a press release. “There’s this beautiful light coming in through the piano, but also this syncopated rhythm of the bass bringing in that mysterious element. A juxtaposition of light and dark.”

The video opens with Willow and two of her friends walking through a forest before finding a snail shell and looking up at the sky. The singer then lays down on the browning leaves as she starts singing the lyrics to the track.

“If I could try to take you back I couldn’t define/feeling/absence of time/knowing/all is decided/there’s nothing/here left to find,” she sings on the track. “The story’s all in my mind.”

The video ends with Willow laying in green grass, surrounded by colorful flowers.

“This visual is for all the beautiful people who have ever gone into nature with their friends & been guided to a deeper understanding of life together by plant medicine,” Willow wrote on Instagram. “I hope this song and visual can bring catharsis to anyone who experiences them.”

Willow shared the lyrics to the track a few days before its release so that her listeners could “deeply digest the words before diving into the whole composition.” In the comments section of the Instagram post, SZA shared her love for the singer, writing, “My God you are such a blessing.”

“Symptom of Life” follows WIllow’s single “Alone” from last November, which gave an inside look at the singer’s new era of music.

“When we’re alone, when there’s nobody there to distract us from our own thoughts, we try to run away from it,” she told Rolling Stone at the time. “But I feel like it’s a really interesting practice to understand and to really see what changes when you don’t try to push it away.”

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