Willie Nelson Reflects on Turning 90 and How Marijuana Saved His Life

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Willie Nelson is ready to party.

The country music legend is turning 90 on April 28, and, to properly celebrate his milestone birthday, he's headlining a two-day concert in Los Angeles. "Long Story Short: Willie Nelson 90," will take place April 29 and 30 at the Hollywood Bowl, and feature performances by Nelson, Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, The Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Snoop Dogg and many more artists.

And before the star-studded event, Nelson is pre-gaming by releasing a new studio album—he'll drop I Don't Know A Thing About Love on March 3—and the iconic singer-songwriter also teamed up with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart for a new BIC EZ Reach lighter campaign that gives a fiery wink to Nelson and Snoop's shared love for marijuana.

Having a jam-packed schedule at 89 is fitting for the "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" singer who's given a lot of thought to the legacy he'll leave.

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"Oh, that I always showed up," Nelson told E! News' Francesca Amiker when asked how he wants to be remembered. But don't expect his keys for living such a full life in his ninth decade.

"I wish I could tell you," Nelson answered. "I really don't know, except that I really do believe in imagining what you want to do and let it happen. And that's my full philosophy and it's working."

Willie Nelson
Gary Miller/Getty Images for Shock Ink

As for his diet, Nelson admitted, "I don't eat a lot," but the iconic singer-songwriter did share that he does enjoy eggs, waffles, toast and drinks "a lot" of protein shakes.

"I'm doing pretty good," he said. "I've managed to keep my weight down pretty good, and I really don't do anything that's bad for me. I don't drink as much as I used to. I still take a drink of tequila occasionally, but not like I used to."

Willie Nelson
Gary Miller/Getty Images

As for his well-documented love of marijuana, "Well, it not only saved my life, it probably saved some other people's lives," he explained, "because before I smoked marijuana, I was drinking a lot. And I might have killed a lot of people, too. So I'm just glad that that didn't happen. I'm glad we live through all of bad times."

Prior to teaming up for their BIC EZ Reach lighter ncommercial with Stewart, Nelson and Snoop Dogg had been friends for quite some time, with Nelson reflecting on one of their hangouts in Amsterdam. "Oh, we had so much fun trying to out smoke the other one," he said, going on to reveal the two had even begun working on a song together. But, he admitted, "I'm not sure we ever finished it or not!"

Willie Nelson
Wally McNamee/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

Completing that song isn't on Nelson's bucket list though, nor is anything else for that matter, as the 10-time Grammy winner said he doesn't have anything "major" left he wants to accomplish.

"Oh, you know," he said. "One day at a time."