William Shatner 'overwhelmed by sadness' while discussing spaceflight

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Just one day after hurtling into space on the Blue Origin rocket, an emotional William Shatner appeared on Cuomo Prime Time to discuss the profound experience. The 90-year-old actor revealed that the once-in-a-lifetime trip was incredibly bittersweet.

“I wish I had better news and more entertainment and jokes to tell you, but I was moved to tears by what I saw,” Shanter said. “And I come back filled with... overwhelmed by sadness and empathy for this beautiful thing we call Earth.”

The Yahoo Immersive Team re-created the inside of the Blue Origin capsule and what the crew might have seen during their time in space.

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Shatner was visibly overcome with emotions while talking about how the trip affected his view on humanity. The usually jovial actor stressed the importance of implementing cleaner business practices to reduce the impact of climate change.

“We’re at the tipping point, we haven’t got time to wait 30 years and argue about a few billion dollars,” Shatner said. “Burying your head in the sand another instant about global warming and the destruction of the planet is suicide for all of us.”

Shatner appeared to reference the climate change agenda in President Biden’s embattled $3.5 trillion spending bill. He also warned that if we don’t do something about the industrial pollution, we will not only be stripping the planet of its natural resources, we will be stripping it of the future.

“What is tragic is if our children, especially our children’s children, don’t have a chance to be part of this beautiful thing we call Earth... and it’s just sad,” Shatner lamented.

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