'Will & Grace' kills off Rosario because they love her

On Will & Grace, Karen’s beloved maid, Rosario, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Rosario was played by Shelley Morrison, who has retired from acting and opted not to return to the sitcom’s revival. So the writers decided to give her character the send-off she deserved.

A doctor delivered the news to Karen in a hospital waiting room. “I’m very sorry to tell you that Rosario is gone,” he said. Karen quipped, “Gone? Where’d she go this time? Underground maids’ fight club that I don’t know about?”

Karen and Rosario had a hilariously tumultuous relationship throughout the series. Karen, played by Megan Mullally, processed the death of her best friend as one might expect — through drinking, ignoring her emotions, and making Jack sing and dance for her.

In the end, Will was able to get Karen off her bar stool and back to the church to give Rosario a sweet farewell. She went up Rosario’s coffin and said, “Sorry I wasn’t here, but come on, what the hell was I gonna say? She was my maid? She was my sparring partner? She was my best friend? You were my everything, Rosario Yolanda Salazar.”

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