Will 'The Disaster Artist' help boost 'The Room'? Tommy Wiseau speaks from the Golden Globes.

James Franco has now been feted with the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy for his turn in The Disaster Artist as Tommy Wiseau, the filmmaker behind the notorious cult classic The Room. And with his win, the question now arises: Will the acclaim and accolades received by Franco’s film rub off on Wiseau’s original movie?

At Sunday’s Golden Globes, Yahoo Entertainment caught up on the red carpet with both Wiseau and his The Room co-star Greg Sestro and asked them what they thought The Disaster Artist might do for the fortunes of their own film, which is on the eve of receiving more than a decade after its premiere its first-ever national release. As befits the always unpredictable and unconventional Wiseau, the answer we received was anything but straightforward, beginning with his comment, “You’re a nice guy, but let me correct you.” After giving us the real lowdown about The Room’s history, he and Sestro then confess that they’ve seen Franco’s film-about-their-film multiple times, and moreover, that its behind-the-scenes portrait is 99 percent accurate.

Wiseau is always a fascinating interview, and that’s especially true of his chat with us from the Golden Globes red carpet which also features the filmmaker hilariously addressing the issue of his nationality. To hear his and Sestro’s full thoughts about The Disaster Artist, check out our video above.

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