Tens Of Thousands Of People Are Admitting They Never Knew Rachel McAdams Was The Queen Bee In "Mean Girls"

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A recent TikTok shared by user sakuraxea stated that Rachel McAdams wore a wig during her role as Regina George in Mean Girls because she didn't want to bleach her hair...

Screenshot from "Mean Girls"

Anyway, it wasn't the ~fun fact~ that caught people's attention: It was the fact that tens of thousands of people did not know Rachel McAdams played Regina George.

"I was today years old when I found out Regina George is Rachel Mcadams"
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

I guess a lot of people never put it together that she's the same person who starred in The Notebook.

"I always thought regina and the actress from the notebook were different"
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

Which, fair, because they are VERY different roles — and both films came out in 2004. (But she still looks the same, IMO.)

Rachel in
Parmount Pictures, New Line Cinema

Nevertheless, people who saw both films assumed it was a different actress in each role.

"I swear it was a different actress"
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

Again, Rachel in Mean Girls:

Screenshot from "Mean Girls"
Paramount Pictures

And Rachel in The Notebook:

Screenshot from "The Notebook"
New Line Cinema

Because, same year, very different vibe.

Screenshot of TikTok comments
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

And while we are on the topic of realizing which films Rachel was in nearly two decades ago, did you know she was also in The Hot Chick?

"She's also in The Hot Chick."
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

The movie came out in 2002 and also starred Rob Schneider.

Screenshot from
Buena Vista Pictures

Anyway, people are just feeling totally and completely shocked learning all these '00s-era Rachel McAdams films.

Screenshot of TikTok comments
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

Pieces were just never put together.

Screenshot of a TikTok comment"
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

And brain connections were never made.

Screenshot of TikTok comments
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

Despite her name being at the top of the credits!

"Who watches the credits ?"
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

It's a huge revelation even for people who say Rachel is their all-time favorite actor!

"Girlll I ask myself this."
@sakuraxea/video / tiktok.com

So, if you didn't know, consider yourself enlightened. OK, I am hungry. BYE.

GIF from "Mean Girls"