Wild Bobcat Caught Casually Lounging in Dog Bed Inside Arizona Home

Bobcat Lounges in Home
Bobcat Lounges in Home

AZ Game & Fish Dept/Twitter

A bobcat was found getting surprisingly comfortable in someone else's home!

An Arizona homeowner entered their home in San Manuel this month and found a wild bobcat lounging in their pet's dog bed, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The homeowner told the department they suspected the wild cat had entered the home through an unlocked doggy door before getting cozy among the canine's things.

Two photos of the bobcat's dog bed session were snapped, including one which shows the wild animal sitting comfortably in the fluffy doggy bed, surrounded by several toys. In another shot, the bobcat is lying on the bed while staring at the camera.

The homeowner called and reported the incident, but the bobcat escaped the home on its own before an Arizona Game and Fish officer arrived, the agency said. No injuries to bobcats, dogs, or humans were reported in connection to the incident.

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The Arizona Game and Fish Department reminded state residents that if they encounter a wild animal in a situation like this, it's best not to "handle entrapped/hurt wildlife yourself." For help with wild animal encounters, locals should call the Arizona Game and Fish Department help hotline, so a professional wildlife rehabilitator can "remove or assess a wild animal," per the agency's website.

Bobcat Lounges in Home
Bobcat Lounges in Home

AZ Game & Fish Dept/Twitter

This isn't the first time a state wildlife department has responded to a bobcat wandering into someone's home, especially since the wild animals tend to visit backyards and neighborhoods across North America. In-Sync Exotics, a big cat sanctuary located in Wylie, Tx. gave some tips on how to keep the wild bobcats a safe distance from your home to NBC News 5 DFW.

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These tips include not leaving pet food outdoors and keeping food scraps out of outdoor trash cans. The sanctuary added that if you spot a bobcat on your property and want to safely scare it off, loud noises and sprinklers usually encourage the animals to stay away.

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Bobcats can primarily be found on the North American continent, with the majority of the species being found in the United States, according to the Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.

According to the institute, bobcats are "solitary and territorial animals" that eat a diet of meat, mice, rats, chicks, and bones.