WikiHow Apologizes for Posting Distasteful Image of President Obama, Beyoncé, and Jay Z

WikiHow found itself in major trouble after posting an article many deemed offensive. The website that gives how-to directions published a story, “How to Become a Congressman.” It was a pretty harmless article — but it an illustration made it all go wrong.

It appears that a photo of Beyoncé, President Obama, and Jay Z was turned into a cartoon. The problem is that all three were depicted with fair complexions.

Beyoncé fans drew attention to the image, and it soon went viral. WikiHow took immediate action and even posted a series of tweets to explain the unfortunate post. They said, “When we saw the whitewashed image of Obama, Jay Z, and Beyoncé, we were disgusted and ashamed. It never should have been on WikiHow.”

They also explained their editorial process, and said, “We learned it was made 3 years ago by a team of illustrators who work as one. One person sketches, the other person colors.”

The website also owned up to its mistake, admitting, “This doesn’t excuse the fact that we hosted a terrible image on WikiHow and we needed more diversity on that article, period.”

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