Why You’ll Never See a Swimsuit Selfie of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston looks ah-mazing in a bathing suit, but the only photos of her in one you’ll see will be coming from the paparazzi. The Insider With Yahoo caught up with the 47-year-old actress, who is promoting her upcoming flick Mother’s Day, and she maintained her anti-social-media stance.

“I feel like it takes mystery away. I feel like we know too much,” she said. “I’m a tabloid nightmare. My life seems so much more dramatic and interesting than it is just because of the stupid tabloids, so why would I sort of invite it myself?”

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The Friends alum also explained that she’s so camera shy that she even has a hard time posing for her husband, Justin Theroux.

“I cannot imagine standing in a bathing suit in front of a mirror, taking a picture, and then posting it,” she said. “I can barely send one to my husband, let alone y’all.”

While Jen is shy about social media, her man has posted a few pics of the Hollywood A-lister to his Instagram account. Check out the video to see Justin’s photos and hear more of Jen’s thoughts on selfie culture. For Jennifer’s full interview — a joint sit-down along with her Mother’s Day co-star Jason Sudeikis — tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on Tuesday night.