Why Yellowstone 's Cole Hauser Says You Shouldn't Expect "Bliss" for Rip and Beth

Why Yellowstone 's Cole Hauser Says You Shouldn't Expect "Bliss" for Rip and Beth

Cole Hauser isn't expecting happily ever after for Beth and Rip.

The Yellowstone actor, whose character Rip is now de facto running the Dutton Ranch after Nov. 13's season five premiere, teased with E! News how Rip's marriage to Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) will progress over the series' next chapter.

"There's never bliss on Yellowstone," he exclusively told E! News at the season five premiere Nov. 3. "They're continuing down the road of their relationship, but also protecting each other and finding moments to have to themselves. I think the audience really wants that."

During the season four finale, Beth and Rip got married in a shotgun wedding—quite literally, as Beth kidnapped the pastor with a "tiny" pistol to do so. Now, Rip is the de facto manager of the Duttons ranch while John (Kevin Costner) is in the state capitol as Montana's newest governor. And while that will certainly take a toll on Rip, Hauser revealed that this season was more fun than ever to film—especially as the series' creator, Taylor Sheridan, has loosened the reigns, shall we say.

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"There's some really cool cowboy s—t where the actors are actually doing stuff that has never been done—roping, wrangling stuff that they usually are a little bit like, 'Oh, we don't want you guys to get hurt,'" he explained. "But Taylor has kind of taken the shackles off and saying, 'Hey you guys do it. You guys know what you're doing.' It's a vote of confidence from him. So they filmed it that way, and it's really, really cool."

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