Why The Wedding Coach 's Jamie Lee Doesn't Consider Herself a "Wedding Guru"

Alyssa Ray
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Why The Wedding Coach 's Jamie Lee Doesn't Consider Herself a "Wedding Guru"

"Wedding perfection is unattainable."

That is certainly The Wedding Coach host and comedian Jamie Lee's mantra as she embarks on helping brides and grooms as they navigate the craziness of planning a wedding. Netflix's new wedding series, which premieres on the streaming service tomorrow, April 7, follows Jamie and a comedian plus one as they give couples some much-needed real talk about the wedding industry.

By doing this, the former bride and Weddiculous author will help pairs focus on the big picture. Case in point: In the exclusive clip below, Jamie helps one bride and groom figure out their canoe wedding entrance. Yes, you read that correctly.

The comedian starts off in the clip below, "How do you get in? How do you get out? Is she gonna fall in the water? Will she look like Swamp Bride?"

As guests begin to stare at the pair as they try to get into the canoe, Jamie assures the bride she will not let the dress get dirty. After successfully sitting down, the bride notes, "I could still tip over."

"No, no, no!" Jamie says before promising, "You're not gonna tip over."

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Although the bridal music has begun playing, the bride and groom find themselves stuck on a riverbank. When the twosome eventually breaks free, the current picks up and leads them towards a potential crash. Will the couple make it to the altar in one piece?

You'll have to catch The Wedding Coach premiere to find out!

While viewers will watch Jamie help countless couples on The Wedding Coach, the Girl Code star told E! News she doesn't believe she is an expert about nuptials.

"I don't even know if I consider myself to be a wedding guru. I guess that's kind of the whole point is that to be a 'guru' in the wedding space it really just means being reliable, being honest and having gone through a wedding yourself," she concluded in an exclusive chat with E! News. "I think that sort of added up to me feeling qualified enough to have some strong opinions on how to have a wedding, how to cope with the stress of a wedding and also, lots of opinions on sort of, the racket of the wedding industry itself."

The Wedding Coach, Jamie Lee, Netflix
The Wedding Coach, Jamie Lee, Netflix

The Wedding Coach is available to stream on Netflix April 7.

Peacock is live now! Check out NBCU's new streaming service here.