Why Tori Spelling Slept in Separate Bedroom to Dean McDermott for Three Years

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott wearing black and posing together on a red carpet
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We all knew that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s divorce was a long time coming. What we didn’t know is just how weird things were before they decided to pull the plug. Luckily, Tori just launched a podcast where she’s spilling all of the tea.

On Tori’s podcast, Misspelling, she’s been sharing details about the lead-up to her divorce filing. In one episode, she confessed that she and Dean had been sleeping in separate beds for three years. Previously, Dean said it was because Tori insisted on snuggling with their pet pig in the bed. Tori shared another side of the story.

Did a pig drive a wedge between these two?

Back in 2023, Dean did an interview where he said that Tori was trying to bring farm animals into their bedroom, which drove them apart. He said she had a chicken in the bathroom and a pig in the bedroom. Dean also claimed that his estranged wife was trying to bring their dogs into the bedroom, too. On the podcast, Tori denied that their pets drove a wedge in their relationship.

“Like, he gave an interview saying he stopped sleeping in the bed because of a pig. That is not true,” Tori claimed, before adding more context to the story.

“I was just following orders that it was used to snuggling and it needed that for a few nights,” she continued. “But then when it peed between us in the bed, he was like, ‘The pig’s leaving the bed.’ And I was like, ‘Understood.’ And that was it. That was the only night the pig was in the bed.”

Tori blamed the TV

Most couples will go through their entire marriages without ever bringing a pig into the bed. Still, Tori was adamant that the pig didn’t force Dean out of their bedroom. She argued that “animals and kids” didn’t impact their sleeping arrangements. Instead, she blamed it on her habit of sleeping with the TV on.

“I think I had the TV on for distraction, like, to distract from my life. Like, I would just zone out and be entertained, which is what my dad said that’s what he always wanted to do,” Tori explained.

She continued, “Like, people have hard days, hard work, hard lives, hard relationships, and it’s all individual. And when they get home, they just kinda wanna zone out and be entertained and taken out of their world, escapism.”

Tori’s excuse for having separate beds made a little more sense than the story about a pig. Either way, not sharing a marital bed was just one of many problems plaguing Tori and Dean. Even if they did compromise on having the TV on all night, these two still would have wound up divorcing.


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