Why Is Tommy DeVito’s Agent, Sean Stellato, Going Viral?

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New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito made a name for himself during "Monday Night Football" -- and so did his agent, Sean Stellato.

The undrafted rookie led the Giants to a must-needed win on a last-minute game-winning drive, and his agent was in the crowd to cheer him on. The moment the camera panned to him, social media exploded over his spiffy outfit, complete with an all-black fedora and silver pinstripe suit.

After Stellao went viral for his outfit, he spoke out on why he chose the flashy ensemble, crediting Rocky Balboa and Frank Sinatra.

"The hat is kind of my thing," Stellato expressed following the game. "I love Rocky Balboa, Frank Sinatra. I feel like I'm, in a nutshell, it is part of the lineup. Maybe people will judge a little bit but at the end of the day it's something that I've embraced. I've always admired that look."



Following the stellar performance, DeVito was named Offensive Player of the Week, alongside New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

Sean Stellato Steals "Monday Night Football"


Stellato first went viral before the "Monday Night Football" game even kicked off, as the camera panned to Stellato and Tommy DeVito on the sideline, with the agent chatting on his phone.

The owner of Stellato Sports told ESPN that he's not exactly sure who he was talking to at the time, but it was either a potential endorsement deal or one of his four daughters.

He said he FaceTimes with his daughters every night when on the road.

Who Is Sean Stellato?

Sean Stellato is a former football player -- and is proud of his Italian heritage. According to ESPN, Stellato played as a running back at Marist and professionally in the Arena Football League.

He's also the author of two books, "4th and Long, The Odds: My Journey" and "No Backing Down."

He's been an agent in the NFL since 2005.

Although he is now an internet sensation, it wasn't always easy for the sports agent. My entire life I've been the underdog. I've been told I'm too small, short, not smart enough," Stellato said. "I honestly love it. I love when people try to be judgmental instead of curious. It's more fuel to the fire. I walk in humility. Actions speak louder than words."

Tommy DeVito's Dad and Sean Stellato Celebrate Giants Win


Tommy DeVito's agent and his father are practically family as they were seen sitting together to watch the Giants game. But the moment DeVito's dad grabbed Stellato and kissed him on the cheek, fans went wild.

"Tommy's father grabbed me and gave me the biggest smooch on the cheek. Him and I, we have a very close relationship. It was one of those moments where we're just family," Stellato said of the moment, which was caught on camera. "When you really care about someone and you're excited, a kiss is kind of sacred in our heritage. I'm a reciprocator. I wanted to let him know this is how I feel, too.

"Then the beauty of it then, it was like in sync and ricocheted to his son Max. It was pretty special. It was cool. At the end of the day, it wasn't staged. It was organic. Everyone got a kick out of it."