Why A Teen Says She Doesn’t Feel Her Mother ‘Has Any Right’ To Tell Her What To Do

Kim says she lost all control of her 16-year-old daughter, Kimberly, at age 10, after she divorced Kimberly’s father, Todd. She and family friend Karley claim that Kimberly is physically aggressive, uses drugs, and once wrote a “murder plan” in her journal to shoot Kim and her husband while they slept, which Kimberly admits. The teenager, who says she prefers to be called “Viper,” claims that Kim is a “delusional drunk” who isn’t much of a mother and left most of the parenting to Kimberly’s older sister, Kasey. “My sister just took care of me a lot, and I feel she was a better parent than my parents were,” says Kimberly, adding, “I don’t feel like my mom has any right to tell me what to do because when my mom is around, all she does is drink and sleep and just watch TV.” Kasey, 21, says that she was 11 when she first started looking after Kimberly, who was around 7 at the time. She claims that most of the responsibility for taking care of her younger sister continues to fall on her. Watch the video above to find out what Kasey claims happened after Kimberly ran away from home when their mother caught the two of them getting high in Kimberly’s bedroom closet. And later, Kimberly admits that she has threatened to kill her mother many times and continues to wish her dead. What does she say is the root of her anger? Watch more from this episode here. Dr. Phil airs Monday-Friday. Check here for your local listing. WATCH: Mom Says Teen Daughter ‘Goes Into A Level 10 Rage,’ Every Time She Is Told No TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is your teen a wild child?