Why Are Taylor Swift’s Fans Exchanging Friendship Bracelets At The Eras Tour?

 Taylor Swift at Opening Night of the Eras Tour 2023
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Taylor Swift’s appearances and upcoming music make her a busy woman these days, as she is currently embarking on her Eras Tour, with with sparkly outfits galore. While fans had to deal with the Ticketmaster debacle in order to secure tickets, they are finally able to see her live once again after waiting for five years. So, as Swifties prep their Eras outfits, and get ready for the long-awaited concert, they have also been making friendship bracelets, and there’s a very good reason why.

Since the start of the Eras Tour, Swifties have been making and exchanging friendship bracelets as a way to not only feel connected to the singer but also bond with their fellow Swifties. This is partly because, in the song, “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” from the Midnights album, there’s a line in the bridge that goes:

So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.

And, fans just took it and ran with it. They have been sharing sweet exchanges at the concerts using the song as the background track on TikTok, with others explaining just what is going on with it:

In the TikTok, it’s explained that the fan project started right before the tour began as a way for fans to trade with other Swifties for the fun of it. Fans will craft the bracelets before the concert and then exchange them for others at the show with fellow Swifties, and some have gotten pretty creative with them. There’s also no need to make bracelets if you don’t want to, but it won’t stop someone from trying to give you a bracelet, which is also pretty great. Overall, it's a really fun way for Swifities to build community, and bond over their shared love for the singer.

This isn’t the first time this has been done, however, as another TikTok explains that the EDM community has been doing it for a while by trading “Kandi,” or handmade jewelry. There’s nothing too deep about it, but it’s nice to see fans come together and just do something fun to connect with others. The fact that this also ties into the EDM community shows how many people love this method of building community.

The friendship bracelets are just another thing that Swifties have done for the Eras Tour. There have also been some chants during the concert, and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour etiquette seems to be growing more and more as more chants, accidental or not, happen at every show. Meanwhile, fans have also noticed some Easter Eggs that could be due to her recent breakup with Joe Alwyn, between sets on the stage, or the changed setlist during Red. Either way, there’s a lot of interaction between Swift and the fans, and with still a few months left of the tour, there’s bound to be more.

While fans have paid more than they hoped for the Eras Tour, it seems like they are really making the most of it, no matter where they’re sitting. It’s been too long since Taylor Swift has gone on tour, and to see everyone coming together for her concerts and trading bracelets, and coming up with chants, makes it feel like no time has passed. Hopefully, this project will continue to grow, and more Swifities can "make the friendship bracelets," so they can "take the moment and taste it."