‘Why can’t we win?’: Chinese influencer cries after Japan’s win at World Cup

A Chinese Weibo influencer broke down after witnessing Japan’s win against Germany at the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Wednesday, questioning why other Asian countries can win and not China.

The Weibo influencer, known to his over 200,000 followers as 山羊君GOAT, filmed himself crying in the stands at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on Wednesday as Japan’s “Samurai Blue" took an intense 2-1 victory.

That’s our neighbor. We are physically similar to them; why can they win but we can’t?” he says in the video.

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Coming in from behind, Japan’s national football team scored the final two goals in the last 15 minutes of the game, beating four-time champion Germany. Wednesday night's game was the first time Japan had beaten Germany in the four times the two teams had met.

The influencer’s reaction to the win stemmed from the fact that China has not qualified for a spot in the World Cup since 2002, as the national team only finished fifth in the AFC Asian Cup this year.

While other Weibo users sympathized with the Weibo influencer, others were more frank in their comments.

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What are you crying for? Look more at what we can do,” one user commented. “Yes we do have the same physique, but do we have the same quality? Be more optimistic. Every country has its expertise. With so many gold medals in the Olympics, it doesn’t hurt to lose at football.”

What is even more embarrassing is that 14 people cannot be picked out of the 1.4 billion people,” another Weibo user wrote.


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Featured Image via 山羊君GOAT

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