Why Real Housewives of Dallas Deserves Another Chance

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The Real Housewives of Dallas taught us that the bigger the hair, the closer to God. The series also taught us that “hands are just hands,” with the Southern women not afraid to fight dirty. Sadly, Season 5 was the lowest rated and soured the entire franchise. Dr. Tiffany Moon joined the cast as the first Asian American and faced strong resistance. But just because the series had one bad season doesn’t mean it should be written off forever; here’s why.

Brandi and Stephanie’s Friendship

Former Dallas Cheerleader, Brandi Redmond, and her chum, Stephanie Hollman, were the purest of the pure when it came to Dallas friendships. Thanks to their immature pranks, Brandi and Stephanie were two of the greatest housewives ever to grace the small screen, often making many around them uncomfortable. I mean, who doesn’t love a dildo on a yacht?

These two Dallas socialites were often told to calm down, which I think was a disservice to their comedic timing. Renewing the series would give the women a second chance at proving you don’t have to be stuck up to be a great Bravo housewife.

LeeAnne Locken Was the Carny We Deserved

I understand that LeeAnne Locken is a controversial Real Housewives star, but she did deliver on what she was expected to serve. The Texas franchise, if given a second chance, could do with rehiring LeeAnne. The carny, like many of her co-stars, had the makings of becoming a GOAT. It leads me to wonder what a reboot could do for the women and their city.

Dallas Had Potential

Another idea is to really, really give the Real Housewives of Dallas a total overhaul. Dallas could be great since Southern people are messy, and most viewers love to tune in to the drama. Case in point, any of the Southern Charm stars.

The previous Housewives would need to be recast, with some viewers even feeling like they were vile. However, there is a widespread consensus that there needs to be justice for Tiffany and D’Andra Simmons. Not to mention, Dr. Tiffany deserves an international trip with the ladies to really show off what she is bringing to the table.

RHOD Was True to the Core

The irony is that the Real Housewives of Dallas actually best embodied the original intention of a Real Housewives franchise. The ladies were rich, vapid, married women who didn’t work and were out and about. In the series’ first few seasons, the women, including Stephanie, Kameron Westcott, and Brandi, didn’t have two brain cells to rub together. Perhaps we, as viewers, want more from our reality shows, and Dallas missed the mark by ten years.

With that being said, a reboot, like the one Bravo did with the Real Housewives of Miami, is totally possible. Dallas had a huge and loyal following who, without a doubt, would jump back on that bull in support of the series. The group of women would need an HBIC. LeeAnne was almost that, but in all reality, the group does need a true leader. If Bravo could find her, it could be the cherry on top.

Some Quick Fixes

Along with the main girl, the ladies’ husbands have to be interested in the show. Some of the craziest housewives storylines have surrounded the husbands, which have included feuds and bromances.

The Real Housewives of Dallas also had no bone carrier. While it is hard to follow in the footsteps of Shereé Whitfield, the Dallas women need someone who is willing to call out their behavior.

There was also no big fallout between the wives after LeeAnne left, with many of the women’s friendships not feeling genuine enough for any of us actually to give a damn.

The blogs never picked up any major stories, and fans weren’t talking about it, meaning that the show was in need of some serious spice. Basically, we need a ticking time bomb on the Real Housewives of Dallas, and if Bravo can agree to our terms, I think that the series has great potential for a comeback.


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